Get involved!  Do you want to join in this commemoration of America’s 250th birthday and our state’s 150th anniversary?  If so, we want to hear from you.  Remember, when considering how you or your organization could participate, there are four themes that will guide us in selecting official events in the Mountains & Mesas Region of the Colorado 150 Commission. Does the event you wish to submit, reflect, and support the following mission?  Mission: The mission of America 250 - Colorado 150 is to celebrate the nation’s creation and Colorado statehood by acknowledging our shared history, honoring that which makes our state and region unique, and striving toward a shared future. The Commission will encourage participation within four themes of commemoration: Celebrate-Does your proposal honor our past, acknowledge our present, and facilitate a harmonious future?  Coloradoans have much to be proud of, let’s acknowledge the things that unite us and make us proud. Educate-Our present was shaped in large measure by our past, sometimes a complicated past.  What were the key events, big, small, and perhaps less known, that propelled us toward our present?  How do we present this to our community and, especially, our youth?  Can this information be incorporated into curricula?  Will this learning promote a shared future?  Experience-perhaps the best education tool is experience.  Does the proposed event immerse participants in what it was like to be a Coloradoan in the past or today?  Does it perhaps add perspective to what is like to experience that activity as a woman, an Indigenous person, a person of color?  Preserve-Does the activity being proposed lead to the preservation of an important piece of U.S. or Colorado history?  Our past, including buildings, documents, and experiences suggest that change is always with us and can be the foundation for a positive future.

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