image of the interior of a saloon

Video of Zoom presentation recorded on March 9th, 2024 at the Animas Museum.

image of the interior of a saloon

Oops, not the interior of the El Moro either! That is Jessie Stansel standing at left behind the roulette wheel, but we are now pretty sure this is the Cuerto Saloon which was owned by Stansel. This is the saloon that is not a full 25' wide--the one that had the cigar store next to it.

Questions from the Classroom

Where does the name El Moro come from?

We are not really sure. El Moro means "the moor" in Spanish, and is a different word than "el morro" which means "the snout". When the El Moro opened, you could order the actual bar and fixtures from a catalog and have them shipped in by train. At the time, there was an "El Moro" bar fixture available and this is what was installed in the saloon. There were many other El Moro saloons around Colorado at the time, we believe that most of these, including the one in Durango, got the name from the bar fixture that was installed.

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