Hallow-e’en or Hallow-Even is the last night of October, being the eve or vigil of All- Hallow’s or All Saint’s Day, and no holiday in all the year is so informal or so marked by fun both for grown-ups as well as children as this one. On this night there should be nothing but laughter, fun and mystery.

It is the night when Fairies dance, Ghosts, Witches, Devils and mischief-making Elves wander around. It is the night when all sorts of charms and spells are invoked for prying into the future by all young folks and sometimes by folks who are not young.

From “Games for Hallow-e’en” by Mary F. Blain, published in 1912

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Halloween 1919 at the Animas City School

Halloween decoration

The images on these pages are from Accession Number 03.41. They are pictures of Halloween decorations used by Mary E. Simon Kelley while teaching in La Plata County Schools from 1937 until 1970.

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