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Pioneers of the San Juan Country

Pioneers of the San Juan Country is a collection of stories from some of the earliest pioneers that lived in the Durango area compiled by the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Price: $50.

Colorado book cover

Colorado: Life along the Scenic and Historic Byways complied by the Colorado Tourism Office: Twenty-five journeys through the past and present. A few more miles of road can connect experiences we may have thought unattainable. Colorado has 25 distinct routes that take our sense of awe from the peaks and pinnacles of the Rocky Mountains, to the valleys and gorges of the western slope and even across sun-kissed prairie to the east. Go on a road trip across Colorado from the comfort and safely of your home, from our famous natural vistas to multiethnic historic landmarks. Price: $8.95.

The Animas City Cookie Book book cover

The Animas City Cookie Book complied by the Animas Museum: These thirty-seven historic cookie recipes were compiled by researchers at the Animas Museum. The booklet is arranged in three sections: everyday cookies, special occasion cookies, and holiday cookies. Complete with historical photos, ads, and bits of information about these days long past, this little cookbook is perfect for the baker in your life. Price: $9.25 for pickup, $13.00 mailed.

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Time Flies book cover

Time Flies: Memories of One of the Last Veterans of World War II by Ramond F. Schaaf: The World War II generation is passing away at the rate of about 487 a day nationwide. Only 80,000 are left of the 16,000,000 who were in service during World War II. Ray Schaaf was one of the last surviving WWII vets. In Time Flies, he shared his experiences as a boy growing up in a family of five in small-town Colorado before and during the Depression; a young man who eagerly joined the Army Air Corps to fight World War II; a gunner on thirty-five bombing missions; a husband and father of four; a civilian working a variety of jobs after the war before rejoining the military; a career officer in the Air Force, a fuels and missile expert for more than twenty-six years; a retiree enjoying hobbies, friends, family, and travels with his wife; a widower still enjoying friendship and travel. Time Flies is not only the story of Ray Schaaf; it is the story of many of our World War II heroes. Price: $19.95. Limited availability.

Waterfall Ranch book cover

Waterfall Ranch: The history and People of a Special Place in the Animas Valley by John Peel and the Zink Family: As humans, we are fortunate to have the ability to search out and settle in places where we can flourish. Such places at a minimum provide us with basic necessities of food and shelters. Ideally, they also allow us to accumulate resources and grow. It is this opportunity that has resulted in great traditions and great cultures. At a local level, Waterfall Ranch is a place that provides such opportunities. Created to celebrate 100 years of Zink family settlement at Waterfall Ranch, this book takes a look at this area from geologic times to the present. Price: $19.95.

Tomboy Brideo book cover

Tomboy Bride: One Woman’s Personal Account of Life in the Mining Camps of the West by Harriet Fish Backus: The 50th Anniversary Edition of a Colorado favorite, Tomboy Bride presents a first-hand account of a young pioneer woman and her life in a rough and tumble mining town of the Old West. In 1906, at the age of twenty, Harriet Fish hopped on a train from Oakland, California to the San Juan Mountains of Colorado in search of a new life as the bride of assayer, George Backus. Together, the couple ventured forth to discover mining town life at the turn of the twentieth century, adjusting to dizzying elevation heights of 11,500 feet and all the hardships that come with it: limited water, rationed food supplies, lack of medical care, difficulty in travel, avalanches, and many more. As she and George move from Telluride’s Tomboy Mine to the rugged coast of British Columbia, to the town of Elk City, Idaho and then back to Colorado’s Leadville, Harriet paints a poignant picture of a world centered around mining, sharing amusing and often challenging experiences as a woman of the era. Including a new forward by Colorado’s award-winning writer, Pam Houston, as well as previously unpublished photographs documenting Harriet’s journey, Tomboy Bride endures as a classic of the region to this day as it captures in heartfelt emotion and vivid detail the personal story of Harriet Backus, a true pioneer of the West. Price: $18.99. Limited availability.

Railroad Passes of Otto Mears book cover

The Remarkable Railroad Passes of Otto Mears by William K. Strong: A short yet informative book detailing the life of Otto Mears, his work with toll roads and railroads, and the railroad passes he created for use on his lines. These passes include those made of buckskin, stamped silver, silver filigree, watch fob passes, silver passes, and even gold passes. When possible, the author even includes lists of original owners to these unique pieces of railroad history. Each copy is also signed by the author! Price: $11.95. Limited availability.

Three Little Lineso book cover

Three Little Lines by Josie Moore Crum: A staple in Southwest Colorado railroad history, this book details the history of The Silverton; The Silverton, Gladstone, & Northerly; and The Silverton Northern railroad lines. Starting with Otto Mears’ toll road empire and complete with numerous historical photographs, this book is a must for all railroad enthusiasts. Price: $4.50.

Salone Italiano book cover

Salone Italiano: The True Story of an Italian Immigrant Family’s Struggles in Southwestern Coloradoby Kay Niemann: A hundred years ago, in the legendary mining towns of Silverton and Durango, racial tensions among American immigrants had reached a fever pitch. /Salone Italiano/ is a lavish account of one Italian family’s struggles, passions, and adventures as outsiders in a strange new land. Old world customs and traditions collide with the family’s newfound American lifestyle when romances begin and flourish between immigrants of different regions and classes. And, certain individuals are willing to resort to violence, including murder, in order to keep the lovers from crossing the line into segregated territory. The saga of the Sartore family is both steeped in drama and rich in historical detail. Based almost entirely on actual letters written by members of the family, this epic novel maintains a sense of realism that will keep readers riveted to its pages. From Angelina Sartore’s confused attempts to bring her family closer together, to Katie Sartore’s forbidden romance with a member of a rival immigrant colony, to Phil Sartore’s love affair with a well-known local prostitute—theirs was a family imbedded in constant turmoil. Discover what life was like for European immigrants in a Colorado mining town, and experience this little-known chapter of American history first-hand by vicariously witnessing the lives of some of those who were most intimately involved. Price: $19.95. Limited availability.

Rocky Mountain Italians book cover

Rocky Mountain Italians: An Historical Account of Early Colorado Immigrants by Kay Niemann: Rocky Mountain Italians is an account of early Italian families coming to Colorado during the great Italian immigration period of 1890-1924. The stories include travel on the Narrow Gauge Railroad, the Ludlow Massacre, and old Durango Courthouse, the history of several buildings and mines, the effect of Prohibition on the Italian American community, and the history of Durango’s Cristoforo Colombo Italian Lodge. Along with the story of each family is a favorite recipe that will pique culinary interests. Price: $19.95. Limited availability.

Travels and Travails book cover

Travels and Travails: Tourism at Mesa Verde by Duane A. Smith and William C. Winkler: Mesa Verde National Park was established on June 29, 1906, by Congress. Approximately 10 years later, the National Park Service was created by Congress to manage the properties that had been set aside. Their mandate was to “protect, preserve, and provide for future enjoyment by the people.” Nothing in the acts stipulated that they should /promote visitation/. And so, the traditional began; the National Park Service would provide the infrastructure while a concessioner would build and promote visitor facilities. Tourism is about people, and the businesses who provide visitor services are in “the people business.” Follow along the journey as Mesa Verde goes from ancient ruin to one of the most popular National Parks in the West. Price: $15.95. Limited availability.

Shared Horizons book cover

Shared Horizons: Navajo Textiles by Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian: In the third Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology (1881-1882), Dr. Washington Matthews observed, “With no other native tribe…has the art of weaving been carried to greater perfection than among the Navaho [sic].” While Matthews was the first American to conduct a study of Navajo weaving and to develop a profound appreciation for the art, he was by no means the last. Since that time, his discerning judgement has been confirmed by countless scholars, connoisseurs, and collectors. Although these enthusiasts may approach the subject from different perspectives, their passion for Navajo weaving creates a strong bond between them. In April 1980, a unique event brought Navajo weaving cognoscenti from all parts of the United States to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they shared their experience, knowledge, and respective viewpoints. Lectures, workshops, and discussion groups provided the framework for the stimulating and substantive three day seminar, SHARED HORIZONS. This book brings us back to the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian and acts as an informative visual of that historic seminar. Set against a black backdrop, this book also showcases some of the great masterpieces that were on display. Price: $12.00. Limited availability.

The Land and The Indians book cover

The Colorado Plateau: The Land and The Indians by Kathleene Parker, photographs by Tom Till: This book features information of the geological, prehistoric, historic, and contemporary events of the Four Corners Region. The historical information written by Kathleene combines perfectly with large color photos from Tom Till. There are also insights into the numerous Native American tribes of the Colorado Plateau reflecting their different and diverse cultures. This is a great photographic ethnology of the natural beauty and traditional cultures found in the Four Corners Region. Price: $3.50. Limited availability.

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